“ You’ld be crazy to pay to much for the perfect body”

“Subscribe with you’re e-mail adress to receive more information”

Do these kinds of mistakes drive you crazy? You’re not the only one. Research shows that customers do not appreciate language and spelling mistakes on websites. Even worse: text replete with language mistakes are considered to be sloppy and bad translations of a website are even deemed to be unreliable.

“Everyone makes mistakes. It’s no big deal.”

True, however, spelling and language mistakes can have devastating consequences for your company. Your website or advertising material are actually your business cards. This is where potential clients make their first impression of your company. Are your texts poorly written, then clients might question your professionalism. What happens? They don’t choose to use your services.

“I'm pretty sure clients won’t DISMISS my company because of language mistakes.”

Think again. As we have already mentioned, your website and advertising material are your business cards, your virtual display window in a digital shopping street. Whether you like it or not, you’ll have to compete with numerous other companies that offer the same or similar products and services as you do.


Is your website full of language mistakes and poorly written sentence? Does your competitor have a flawless website? Then clients will be quick to choose your competitor, who is just one click away. And once those clients are gone, they rarely come back.

See for yourself

You’ld be amazed at how many stuff your throwing away.


Lets work together for a cleaner environment. Together we can achieve more then alone.

You’d be amazed at how much stuff you’re throwing away.


Let’s work together for a cleaner environment. Together we can achieve more than alone.

Luckily our brains are capable of ignoring these mistakes, but still, it does not promote a professional image of your company. Let’s be honest: don’t you prefer to read the text on the right?


Text that is riddled with spelling and language mistakes gives the impression that the company doesn’t care about well written text, which may make the company appear careless. And if clients do not have faith in your company, well, they will look for an alternative.


Moreover, you risk clients losing focus on the message your company wants to get across. Clients will get annoyed by the mistakes and will be distracted. This is probably the last thing you want, given that you’ve invested so much to write the perfect message.

Not only language mistakes, but also other flaws can harm your company image

So far, we’ve only touched upon spelling and language mistakes, but there are other types of errors that can seriously harm your reputation.

False promises

If you pretend to be the cheapest / to offer the highest quality / to have the most advanced products etc., then you have to make sure you deliver on that promise. In the above example, supermarket Jumbo says it is the cheapest one, yet the price tags immediately show that its competitor (Albert Heijn) is cheaper.

Lack of proofreading

What about the above blunder? It’s clear that no one checked this prior to printing, otherwise those mistakes – although they are pretty funny – would have been eliminated. Also in this case, these mistakes are at the expense of your professionalism. Clients will be quick to think: “Why on earth didn’t they proofread this poster?”

Invest in a good proofreader or copywriter

Do you want to be completely sure that your text is flawless and to-the-point? Do you want to avoid blunders? Then invest in a good proofreader or entrust your text to a professional copywriter. You’ll definitely have a good return on your investment.

Looking for a flawless website or advertising campaign?

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