Behind every translation, there is an entire translation process, from assignment to delivery. Very often, potential clients do not know what a translation entails. That is why, in this article, we will tell you all about it, so the translation process will no longer have any secrets for you.


Step 1 - assignment

You send us an e-mail or call us with a potential translation project, upon which we will ask you to send us the text(s) to be translated. We ask for the source texts in order for us to have an idea of how long and specialised the text is. Based on that information, we can determine the timeframe for the translation and the project price. After a first quick look, we will send you a quote for the entire translation project, as well as our proposed deadline. As soon as you accept the quote, we start translating.


Step 2 - Preparation

Before really diving into the translation, we will first ask you a couple of questions, such as “Who is your target audience (experts or laypeople)?”, “What is your intention?”, “Is this translation aimed at the Dutch or the Belgian market?”, “Do you have specific terminology we need to stick to?” and other relevant questions.


Next, we start looking for reference texts and we will also look at your website to collect the necessary terminology. We try to gather as much information as possible to achieve the best results.


Step 3 - Translation

The translator makes a first translation, using the reference texts and information gathered. Afterwards s/he reviews the translation and makes corrections, if necessary. If the translator has more questions about the content or terminology (ambiguities, doubts, unclear sentences etc.), we will contact you for clarification.


Important to note is that your texts will always be translated by a native speaker of the target language to ensure the highest quality. Check out our first blog post ‘How to pick the right translator‘ for more information.


Step 4 - Revision

As soon as the translation is finished, an independent reviser (also a native speaker of the target language) will go through the translation one last time to make last-minute corrections, if necessary. Errors can always happen, so a double check is no luxury at all. Thanks to the four-eye principle, we can guarantee the highest possible quality of your texts.


Step 5 - Delivery

Once the translation and revision are done, we will send you the finished and proofread translation.

Do you have a translation project for us?

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